Private Callsign Matrix


The callsing I use when flying private aircraft is NHOPE1
The reason I use this callsing is that I am in the process of founding a aviation related non-profit that offers awareness and scholarship opportunities to youth around the US to promote the careers in aviation.
Callsing HOPE is the callsing i will use on the nonprofits Aicraft.


My private callsign is N513KC. The 5 is for my favorite aircraft, the 757, the 13 is the day I was born on and the KC is for my hometown Kansas City. My other callsign is SWA13 for Southwest Virtual. @LouDon Can you add this please? I am not a regular.


I see you didn’t put Mark Dentons Callsign up there @LouDon
Don’t forget Skyhawk Heavy ;)


Can u add mine please : NED2390


S188 or [Airline] 188


Hello! I’d be glad if you added me. (Airline) 2741 or TC-ETD


N2DV, (Airline Name) 15 67 , and G-KEPLER


N724MU is mine, even if I’m flying an airliner 🤦🏼‍♂️


Can you add my callsign @LouDon? G-OJFAM or (Airline) 555.


Mind adding me there Callsign: C-SNOOPY


Mind adding mine? N582DC


Coincidence? I don’t think so. I found that rather interesting for those to be posted one after the other. But hey, to each their own.


That looks funny that they are opposite of each other


My point exactly. Glad I’m not the only one on my train of thought…


A350fan edited his after he posted and made his opposite of mine


Yeah like how A350s copy Boeing


Oh Also put my comercial call sign! Which is DELTA 275


Hi, when i’m not flying for LATAM VA (i’m LATAM116), i’m D116GG.


I-I38 here, always! (-:


Add me pls. Karl Luebs: KL-926