Private Callsign Matrix


Mine is G-WOLF normally but, when escorting randomly on casual server, I am Air Force 002 or (mainly) ESCORT001.


I’ve changed mine…

It’s either N264MC Or Airline then 1802


SWA2187 is the usual when flying for IFVA, MWE2187 whenever just flying around


@SouthwestFan @wolffan21 @MaksimFerguson @mwe2187

Done :) Thanks for requesting!


Thank you very much!


I posted mine on the other topic but it never got added, PR-PRB is my private callsign


Guess who added that to the Matrix


It was probably cam 😜🙃


Hmmm looks like it changed


YES!!! I bet nobody can find out what this callsign stands for


Paso Robles in any way?


Did you see my other post :P, the PRB gives it away :D we are like a citation mad house with soooo many flying in everyday, good guess though :P


could someone add mine - my callsign is BEEMOVIE - thank you!


Should be up there, check to make sure it is correct and your welcome :)


@LouDon16 Add mine please Springbok 579 Super


New private, representing my two favourite planes. ZS-SNI, and ZS-SXY. I’ll edit it tomorrow.


Mine are N228NW and (airline) 228 or 9228.


@Alplr My Callsign - TC1923


@LouDon could you add on me on there, my private callsign is G-CCLJ


Quite a list, good job!

2665AG was used by me the first two years. A few months ago it was changed to PH-ADZ