[POLL CLOSED] Vote for my event airport



I will be hosting a ‘Realistic Fill-Up and Fly-Out’ event soon and I will be letting you guys decide which airport (out of a select few) we fly out of.

  • PHNL
  • KLAX
  • KJFK
  • EGLL
  • OMDB
  • WSSS
  • YSSY

0 voters

I will announcing the winner at 0700Z on 17th May 2018

Where should I do my next flyout Event - Cancelled

After 1 hour the current leader is OMDB with 46% (5/11) of the votes.


Please do WSSS, it’s rarely used in IF but very popular in real life!


If it wins the vote, then i will do WSSS. If you want that airport then vote for it


After 3 hours, WSSS and OMDB are level with 5 votes (28%) each. Poll closes in 69 hours


Funny pre global it was very popular. When HD scenery comes for it one day I’m sure it will be just as popular as it used to be.


Hopefully… let’s see


Believe cool pilot Believe, channel your inner coolness WSSS will take back its place as the king mongoose of all the airports.

Mark my words. Lol.

Also I’m looking forward to this event @BennyBoy hopefully wherever this is it gets good turnout.


Wow that’s deep bruh, thee olé Mongoose huh…

I’ll take that action as the US Federal Court just approved betting. I bet one bag of potato chips.


Why are we now talking about mongooses on an IF thread?

Seriously guys…seriously?



Bruh what flavour, I’m in.

(I really like cheese & onion)


Really hope to see Sydney filled with Qantas 737s!

Capital Mongoose


After 5.5 hours, the leader is still OMDB at 14/50 votes

2nd YSSY
3rd PHNL
Joint 4th EGLL and WSSS
5th KJFK
6th KLAX

Event closes in 66.5 hours


Try not to use @Brent_A’s name when making your event. Thanks

EDIT: DO NOT use “A Realistic Event” in your title name. There we go, @Brent_A XD


“Realistic Fill-Up” sounded fine @BigBert10


Normally, when I see realistic, sometimes I think of “A Realistic Event” but I fixed it now.


PHNL Rising to the top ;)


You sure it’s not on top? @Balloonchaser


PHNL is more like it!


After 22 hours, the leader is now PHNL (Honolulu Int’l) with 25-26% of the vote (25/100 votes)