PlayStation and Xbox One


They will never put it on console, maybe PC maybe


Well you can already have it on PC


I mean like a proper version for PC


What do you mean 'a proper version'. A downloadable executable?


So you can buy the game for PC and install it like you would with a normal game.


I think they should sell it for $70AUD and have global free and most planes free


Here's my problem with this, I have an Xbox, and they require a controller to be connected the entire time, if you go ask for a bit (I think 10-15ish minutes, the controller disconnects. Now, if you don't reconnect the controller after a certain about of time (I think It depends on the game) the Xbox will turn itself off. So, if you fall asleep, and you're halfway through a global flight, and the Xbox turns itself off, you just lost your flight.


Although I love my XBox One, I agree and sometimes i wake up from a cat nap and the console is off!


If FDS somehow miraculously managed to code the game to be used for console, distribute them across stores, and have enough money to do so, it would be hard as %@$* to play with a controller.


There are companies that make additional control devices for the console like Mad Catz foot pedals and steering wheels for driving simulators.


I have an Xbox One. I was hoping this but it probably won't happen. If it does then, well. IM BUYING IT!


Go into settings. You can change that


Ah, didn't know. I tend to fall asleep when playing so I'll leave it.


Love to see a Joystick attached to a PS4 and me playing IF on it. 👍.
Fingers crossed this comes.


It would be nice but I would not be happy if the consoles are getting more features than the iPad one


Don't worry about that bud. The very foundation of this game is based on enjoying flying on a handheld mobile device so I highly doubt that the Devs would smite IF Mobile.


I play on Xbox one, and yes there is no Flight sim on Xbox
So IF would dominate the market


There is a non combat flight simulator coming to PS4 Soon called the crew 2 it has a extra 300 amd that’s it we need comercial aircraft in ps4…


I me and my other flight sim nerd friends at school are tired of hearing stuff like new combat games and air combat games… why not an actual flight simulator??


Probably something to do with the limited amount of controls on a PS4 or Xbox controller if I had to guess, it kinda sucks to be honest.