PlayStation and Xbox One


There is (thankfully) no space for flight simulators on consoles, the development of such would cost a lot, controllers are horrible for flight sims (this wouldn’t be your usual GTA flight), the community on consoles sucks, and finally, a game doesn’t rely on GBs as previously said and besides that, the current consoles don’t really have a lot of storage to be honest. And about PCs being laggy (really depends on your specs) … please do very thorough research and inform yourself


You guys already complain about the behaviour of people on live… imagine all the console people.

It would be horrendous.


Very true; nicely worded


I really hope they decide to do this! If they did, that would be amazing! It would be my favorite XBOX game of all time! :)


There is a big, open space for the flight simulator market on consoles! :)


then we could make the thrustmaster yoke available to use just like the thrustmaster steering wheels are available to use.


Yeah! That would be awesome! :)


It takes millions to develop games for consoles.


Actually they have War Thunder on Play Station, I don’t know about Xbox though…


Personally I think the more people exposed to aviation the better, and having IF on consoles would do just that. I can’t even begin to imagine the challenges that come with making a game like IF PS4 and Xbox games, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. Sure there will be more nimrods to deal with, but as IF becomes more popular, it’s just something that’ll come with it. As said many times before, if it bothers you that much just fly on the expert server.

However, at the moment to me, it does seem more logical to make a PC version first and don’t see IF being available on the major consoles for quite sometime. (If ever). I can imagine that there are issues unknown to us that would prevent it from ever coming to fruition.


You need to have a good pc. What about youtubers making p3d video do they use Xbox or ps4


You talk to people in steam. Do you even know steam do you know a gaming pc


If Farming Simulator can survive multiple editions on the XBox One I truly believe that Infinite Flight could make a strong push on the consoles the question however if Laura and her team are ready to commit to the consoles on top of their current and future goals with the handheld devices. Either way I’m very pleased with the mobile version of IF so it wouldn’t break my heart if this game never made it to the console units.


I don’t like the Idea because it would probably slow down the updates for mobile devices.


You’re right, there’s no comercial flights simulator on PS4/3 or Xbox 360/one, there’s one of war planes but is only fight flying…



Now since I thought about this, adding IF to a console would be the end of the high rate of proper flying.


they would have to build the game all over again to be compatible so not a realistic idea


Air Conflicts series is on PS4 and XB1 but they are not very good. IF would defiantly rule the market!


Maybe there could be a normal version for $4 and then a pro version with all aircraft and global for $35?


Nope they don’t. Yes if you have a pretty low end PC, but if you have a decent one (i5, 16gb RAM, GTX 780) then it will actually run better than console.