PlayStation and Xbox One


So sad that the Wii U is going away.


Personally I don’t think its the best idea, maybe just make it a pc game and mobile game?


I don’t approve. It should be and remain on mobile devices (phones, tablets). End of!


Agree with this, there are already many PC ones, and to be blunt, IF would not be able to compete with them. It has an advantage on mobile, not desktop, and that is where it should stay in my opinion.


I agree @Giacomo_Lawrance!


I hope it does NOT go to console, you think TS1 I’d bad…? Imagine all the kids on XB and PS playing. Yeeeeeah no thanks, that doesn’t even sound fun, and honestly, I feel like that would kill IF.


I am very offended your ignorance… 48% of gamers use a console while only 17% of gamers use a handheld device and the other 35% use PC… 49% of gamers are between the ages of 18-49. Not a whole lot of kids play video games when compared to adults, the majority of the audience is teens and young adults. IF is missing half the gaming market by not going on console…
And just to put it into perspective, there are 1.7 gamers per household. Also there is no other flight sim on the market. IF would make 100s of Gs if not millions. (The above stats are for the USA)


What about 360?


if IF sells another 10000 copies (the amount sold on mobile) Revenue would be 600000. Plus dlc money it would be easily over 1 million. Although they would most likely not have a subscription for online on console. They would have to release more DLCs for money, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing 😀.


Agreed! Would love to see this, hopefully it would be for one and 360 though


I think this would be great to see. I don’t currently own a PS4/Xbox, but would get one if IF was released on it!


MaxSez: The Grass is always greener on the other side of the hill! When they make an XBox or PlayStation that I can carry around in my pocket I’ll buy one.
Want improvements ask apple to add an accessory port to the Pad’s. A plug in joy stick on a Pad and a TV Streamer like Roku as UTube has, your miles in front of other Sim Developers.


But you can fly a plane and use mods on GTA 5 for PS4 and XBOX 1


Haha the best thing would be Rockstar games and FDS collaborating so everything looks real however the planes are created by FDS so they are accurate with the correct physics


What’s the purpose of this it would take a long time to get a flight game on console


if there was IF on Xbox I would be on it 24/7!!

  • nope don’t need it

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xbox is way better than Ps4


it’s not all about the money


Not to mention people like him think it costs nothing to make games for consoles when it would cost way more then it does for mobile devices. Not to mention console users traditionally don’t play realistic simulators and that’s more something for PC


It’s not all about the amount of gigabytes… it all depends on hardware such as the CPU and ram.


Dang the GB is for real