PlayStation and Xbox One


They said that Sony and Microsoft were trying to make it that PlayStation could play with Xbox. That would be class for infinite flight because then the servers wouldn't be as empty


Pls, if there Infinite Flight in future go on ps4 xbox, employed is make dont the online modus seperate on Console, better is xbox+ps4 can together playing @online. GTA have seperate.


oh right, saleing only @plus or xbox-online. If there will be future popular, then can use also on market.
how M-FSX.


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@Captain_Skywalker, right, we don't want everything all going on at once. The developers don't have ten hands. They're just ordinary people like us and it will take them a while to finish the PC version. And even when they are finished they will need to find and eliminate bugs/glitches. I understand what you think about IF dominating the market and YES that is awesome! Just give the developers some time and eventually maybe a console version will be released.


I agree its very nice idea i stand with you 👍


It wouldn't be added any time soon as @Captain_Skywalker said its no easy thing to get any game on a console and it wouldn't be as easy as there being a few people doing everything as there are now also it will take millions for the development so chances are it will never work out


YASS.... it will


Maybe this could be considered if the PC version is released? And why does everyone forget Wii 😭


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I say VR first but that's just me.


IF would run perfectly on XBox one. My XBox one has 1 terabyte of space! :)


IF would earn TONS of money from this. They could charge like $40-50! :)


The new Xbox if coming out soon I might have to get it, I have the day one edition and technically got it before it was released (a few minutes or so) so in other words I have a dodgy xbox


Do you guys actually think FDS is gonna make money by doing this? The whole reason Microsoft didnt release FSX on THEIR OWN Original Xbox and Xbox 360 was cause of lack of demand. Assuming there are 1 million users using Xbox and Playstation only 0.2/4 of the population will probably buy this sim.

Sixty Second Shooter (indie game)on Xbox one cost
1. Maintaining the Sixty Second Shooter URL - $19


  1. Sending the second dev kit to [developer] Brett Douville - $63

  2. Hardware (USB and video cables and the like) - $72

  3. Video capture device (for making trailer) - $181

  4. Localization (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) - $729

  5. Errors & Omissions Insurance - $2037

  6. Foreign ratings boards (PEGI, USK) - $2042


Now imagine this but making copies on a disk, publisher(different company)usually do this. Thats more money right there.

Like I said, there isnt a demand for this gaming category in the general population. Thats why Microsoft didnt do it, nither has Laminar Research(X-Plane), both companies have had there flight simulatiors out for a long long time.


Not a fan of this. Fight sims would be hard to play on console.


Maybe you can connect a yoke to the Xbox/Playstation? And then use the the buttons and joysticks on the controllers for throttle, camera, gear, etc.


As I am not a fan of this but where is WiiU. If I had a penny for every time someone made a topic about IF being on console I would have a couple of sense. PC Version ould be better but if anyone looked at the WiiU it has a touch screen like the mobile devices and you won't have to look at the TV. There is still another very big console market. Playstation and Xbox isn't the only ones.


Wii U probably wouldn't be powerful enough... and, well, it's a Wii U


I would say Wii U, but the Wii stopped production in 2012 and the Wii U is about to do the same. Maybe NX?