PlayStation and Xbox One


I would be on my
Xbox all day if it was on Xbox good idea !


Agreed, I'd be on it nonstop. It would be difficult to port it over to the consoles, but it would be great if they did. It would probably be best to charge $30 for the game, get rid of the monthly Live fee (somewhat included in the higher purchase price), but could still charge the per aircraft/region price or do the annual to unlock everything.

The way it is now is fine for a mobile app, but if you go over to console then pricing would have to change. In my experience a lot of console people aren't big on monthly subscriptions.


I would totally buy this for the Xbox one. The game would also be less laggy! :)


I think they could still do live. People can use Xbox live or whatever Playstation does for online multiplayer. I think the game could be $30-40! :)


Not yet, they are releasing cross platform gaming later this year


Its would be selling only on Stores Playstation Store and XboxOne Store. There can downloaded only from online Store how App Store or Google play.... Idea only


I like this idea. Wouldn't this be a lot better on the Wii? On the Wii, you can control the game by making gestures with your controller. I'm an Xbox one user.


yes because its give on Console not Flight-Simulator, would be better for console gamer.


That would be awesome! :)


I would buy this game and pay for Xbox live every month! :)


Then IF must have atleast 3D buildings


There will make a find story of young pilot, beginning with school, step to step there up to ⭐️⭐️⭐️Captain⭐️⭐️⭐️ etc. maybe creating a charackter how GTA....


Why, just why. Every game is compared to GTA these days...


You know, I actually thought this was a feature request asking for Xbox Ones and PS4s to be added to IF. I still have hope in this community. πŸ˜‚


thats only a comparison and idea. I make a little fantasy, because if there hve in future IF-Global Flight on Xbox or PS4, would anybody flight 10 hrs from europe to America? I couldnt because hve no time. :-)


Agreed. :D


if PC Version does come around, tell them that i want a chromebook edition


@Caleb2003148 it is PlayStation Plus


Ok guys if I was making the controls for the game this would be what I would choose for each button. By the way this is a PlayStation joypad.

R1= Right rudder
L1= Left rudder
Left joystick = move the plane around
Right joystick. Look around in your aircraft
L2 = to make your speed go up
R2= to make your speed go down.
R3= brakes
Up and down bottoms on the left side of the joypad= flaps to go up or down.
Circle + Up or down on the left side of the joypad= spoilers
X= To put autopilot on your speed.
Square= to put autopilot on your altitude
Triangle= to put autopilot on your heading
DPad= to change between views


beatifull job, employed
Little correction L2 speed down
R2 speed up
πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» @DublinSpotter