PlayStation and Xbox One


We should put IF on PlayStation and Xbox One because the consols can have global flight on it and even more features. We could play multiplayer and single player. Whoever has PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live can do multiplayer. They will just have to figure out the buttons

Flight simulators on consoles like XB1 or PS4!🎮✈️
Flight simulators on consoles like XB1 or PS4!🎮✈️
Infinite Flight on consoles
Nintendo Switch Port

I don't think there is one flight simulator for Xbox or PlayStation. IF would dominate the market!


Yep and it would be cheep as well . Maybe €10 or what ever currency your use


PlayStation and Xbox has so much GB. It could take a thousand regions. Infinite flight could make so much money!!!!!!


FDS is currently working on a PC version of Infinite flight...A PC also has a lot of gb. So no i don't think playstation or xbox version will come. But a PC can you expect soon i think.


But PC's lag a lot. Consols don't . On PlayStation and Xbox you can talk to people if you want to in a party and on PC you can't . PC version will be annoying with all of the keys to press.


They were working on an Xbox 360 edition I read last march on the support & feedback forum I wonder if they will carry the idea through on to PS4 & xbox one I would definitely buy it if they did!


The only downside is that people that have PlayStations can't play with people with Xbox's


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What about PlayStation. They need money to get us new features don't they


I do not want to sound rude, but that is what is a simulator :)


On IPad you don't it is just pressing buttons, there are only a few buttons on the PlayStation so it would be easy to control


Don't forget XBOX 360! I have a 360 not a 1 and can't buy a 1.


PCs only occasionally lag because there is such a wide range of hardware. Consoles are all the same so they just have to make it work on one device which isn't hard.


But wouldn't it cost a fortune to produce, and advertize a consol version of the game, not to mention all of the sales that would have to be made to actually make a project like this worth while?I like the idea though ;)


I would definitely like to. Great idea.


It would be cool if you could have your account connected to all your purchases. Or you could get a cord similar to your device that you currently run your device in and hook it up to your TV that is compatible


It should be a download code, not a disc


First let them complete the PC Version ;)


I wish produce IF for PlayStation it'll be nice it'll be more fun more realistic and pragmatic

I hope so ..