Pittsburgh Gets China Eastern!


This may be the best thing that has happened to aviation in Pittsburgh in a while, we will have direct servace to China! Last summer a tourist componey in china sighned an aggreement to launch charter flights, unfortunately no regular scedualed ones. This means that we may see diffrent types of aircraft an airlines since they are chartering the aircraft. The flights are finaly opperating this summer on August 3rd and 11th. Those are currently the only two planned. They will be a China Eastern 777-300ER! The biggest plane that flies to KPIT as of now (Qutar Cargo 777-200F is second). As I have said KPIT has been in some rough stuff since loosing its US airways hub, but Asia flights are certanly the right direction!


This is kinda surprising, as China eastern doesn’t really seem like the airline to start flying to an airport that no other Asian airline flys to, because I feel like China eastern likes to compete with other airlines on many routes. I feel like maybe they are gonna try to start making a better prescience in the U.S, and see how well they succeed.


Well a tourist company in China is chartering the flight, so the title is a slight bit misleading…


Oh, that makes some more sense. Well, anyways, great to see another flight added to the route database


I have some new details, it turns out that the toutisum company is actualy pushing for/subsidising people to fly for Pittsburgh for 3 years, but the flight is only garinteed for 1…


That’s weird,outa a whole bunch of better places to head to in the U.S they chose Pittsburgh… KPIT is not a hub and I don’t know what strategic advantages China Eastern is getting outa this lol ,at least it boosts the plane spotting


Well one they have pointed out is the expanding tech market with Carnegie Mellon, and Ubers self driving cars all being in Pittsburgh.


Ah really that’s cool


It would be nice to see what KPIT was built for. It was meant to br a gateway for air travel. It struggles to get the longer bigger routes, even though im sure it can handle aircraft bigger than a 777.


We actually had a 747 for BA before US Air pulled out, and I think 1 or our international gates, and our runways can theoretically handle an A380, but a few systems like duel jetways, and probably some other less than optimal systems would need some changes, besides I am not looking for an A380 right now as awesome as that would be…


Yeah I knew we could hold an A380. Heck lets get Pittsburgh to Auckland 😂 even if its not possible.


Ya, I was hoping when ANZ anounced somthing to NA…


But we can hope…

London will likely be next big route…


They offer nonstop on delta to EDDF, and LFPG I think. EGLL should be way easier to get.


@Ameru187 Condor does EDDF, and you would think, Norwegian Air is a big possibility. Travel Pittsburgh was in a meeting with “multiple airlines” about a Pittsburgh London route, and there were aparently multiple intrested airlines…

Condor comming to Pittsburgh...


I see Emirates landing a off flight to KPIT in the near future tbh…


That would be awsome, but I dont see it happening soon, currently the smallest place theu fly is KFLL, becuais of the code share with JBL. We are a smaller city with no major hubs…

Not to say I dont want it, but I dont have hige hopes, but I wpuld be more than happy to be surprised…


I think they really need to read what KPIT was made for then put it to use. Its a HUGE airport.


Ya, that was back when US served some 120 destinations and had more than 500 daily flights, now we are some ware closer to 50, and 200…


In May we finally re surpassed the 1,000,000 seats available per month mark. We had not had that since 2008, and passnger traffic is increasing near 10% a month it looks like…