People's Favorite Liveries


I love the new Allegiant Livery! :)


My favorites in order:

  1. Air Greenland
  2. China Airlines Cargo
  3. Singapore Airlines Cargo
  4. Alaska Airlines
  5. Air Tahiti Nui



ANA Star Wars!

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I loved the US Airways livery on the A330 when US Airways was still around.


Love this Seahawks 747 lots of white but still has Seahawks all over it :) 🤙


Latam a350 & the b787 looks 😍 cool…



Fastjet’s livery is absolutely gorgeous especially the way the sun is hitting the plane.

Finnair’s Marimekko livery really stands out especially while arriving into Helsinki on a cold and cloudy day.


Yes, sorry about that. I changed it now! Thanks for letting me know! :)


SATA Air Azores. A310 & Dash 8 q400 below. The Dash 8 livery is def doable as we already have a Dash 8 in IF


Lauda Air, founder - one of my favourite F1 drivers… Niki Lauda!


My favorite livery is:

Photo credit:


I love the Alaska Airlines “100 Years Strong” livery! :)


Just look at this.


I think one of the special liveries on the SIA 747 had an accident.



Condors livery fits the 767 soo well!


My favorite livery at least for the a350 might be Singapore Airlines a350

or the Cathay Pacific a350 for the a350 family


I forgot about 9V-SMF

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Since the old topic was closed, @Henrik… :)


Qantas 737 Mendoowoorji (I hope I spelt it right)