People's Favorite Liveries


I’ve edited it just a bit, these are my all time favorites!


@Blizzard Hahaha that is like your profile pic


Haha, I just put “JetBlue” because simply they are all great!


Haha, pretty much so!


Brilliant! One of my favorites as well.


This is my favorite livery since I flew it home to Denver (my first flight by myself!.


The new Air Canada livery is my favorite. But I can’t post a picture right now:-(


Southwest Airlines Canyon Blue!


My faviroute livieries since I saw them


Is that like a Cathay pacific livery or something ?!


Cathay Dragon is owned by Cathay Pacific.


I love the Air Greenland livery even considering the fact that it is pretty simple, but in my opinion is one of the rarer, less common airlines out there with such a great livery. Aircraft is a Airbus A320


I believe you meant to put A320, not A330. :)


Sleek, modern, and low cost.


Virgin Australia 777-300ER


I have always loved the Virgin Australia Livery on the 777-300! :)


It’s nice, simple, and good looking


But another of my favorites of course is the Northwest Airlines DC-10


South African airways a340

  1. Jet Blue Blue Print:

  2. Air Canada 2017 Livery: