People's Favorite Liveries


Air France....


Not really the livery, the aircraft!


Lol the livery hahaha


Well, IF is basically as real as it gets for mobile simulators. Plus who really cares? :)


Southwest 737-800 Heart Livery

LUV this Livery


I love the new Southwest livery!!! I often see them approaching Sky Harbor International Airport!!! :)


Nice, but the pic is showing a B77W :P


Air Canada Express Beech 1900


Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER


Air Canada/ Trans- Canada Airlines


Im just going to miss the livery. Ive grown up with it.


TAP A340 is my favorite livery!


Jetairfly 787 dreamliner


Meh not me, I'm not gonna judge what you like!


ATLAS AIR!!!!! :)


B-777 - EL AL

B-737 - UP


Oh my gosh, I guess I wasn't paying attention when I was getting the picture. Should've checked the cockpit Windows xD


Aer Lingus green spirit

And the Easyjet new livery

Both my pics (sorry for the ugly water mark on the Easyjet


Singapore Airlines A350

Air France B777s (B772 & B77W)

Swiss (Not only A343 actually :))

And, My National Carrier, Garuda Indonesia (A333 and A332)


For some reason I like this crazy livery