People's Favorite Liveries


This is awesome!!!


I have never seen that livery of JAL before. Is it new? It is awesome!!! :)


No, it's the old one.


To me it looks better than the new one. :)


Hawaiian A330-200

my photo


Post a pic. :)


It's actually an old livery! Strangely enough, it's being replaced by the crane livery!


This is possible the best livery on the A350 in my opinion.

Love this but I'm gonna miss this a lot.


CX's 333 won't be retiring as fast as their 772's/773's though

My favorite is of course is the new Etihad livery on their 777's


The thread did not say it had to be real world. This is the ONLY livery I fly. ;p


Jetstar's 787:


WOW!!! Just WOW!!! I love that!!! :)


The topic is categorised in Real World Aviation and since IF livery is not real it doesn't exactly count ;)


My favorites are PSA, America west, northwest, Thomson and air Canada.




Turkish Airlines B777-300ER

(not my photo)

Turkish Airlines A330-200 Retro livery

(not my photo)

Turkish Airlines Cessna 172

(not my photo)


Qantas 737 Retro Livery:

Old Qantas 742 Livery:


Qantas Boeing 747-400 wunala dreaming 747-300 nalanji dreaming
737-800 Yananyi dreaming
737-800 mendoowoorrji
And last but not least the three originals


Emirates 777-300ER


What you mean IF isn't real. Wow I want my money back then ;p