Pakistan Independence Day Flight @ EGLL - 141730ZAUG17


Pakistans Independence Day is coming on 14th August so an Event will be held for its celebration
Region: London
Day: 14-August-2017
Zulu Time:17:30-18:30
Aircraft: ANY PIA aircraft 777-200LR or 747-200
Escort in F16s will be appreciated DM me for the escort information, Special gates will be given for the F16s
233:@Diyal24 (777) Leader
No planes other than PIA Livery are Allowed
Would love if you would join
Screen shots from event will be uploaded on Instagram: inflight_786
Copy my FPL
Reply or DM me if you would like to be a part of this event


Please make sure you follow the event category title format:


I don’t mind being in the fighter jets since it’s for Pakistan


Gate 220 is for you, F16 or other fighter jet?


Ahh awesome to know that Kaler is joining too! I’ll probably be there too :)


I’ll assign you a gate 777 or 747 or F16?


Not sure. It’s kinda 50% sure that I can make it.
You don’t really need the COO if the CEO is joining himself!


I can’t join if it’s on expert server

#12's on expert server


I know man that’s why I said I can’t join if it’s on expert


Comeon it’s supposed to be for fun and to show support


No problem I’ll tell you when we have another event on TS1


I want to be part of this event too. What EST time it starts on 14th?


I’ll take a gate 👍🏻 Most likely a heavy


EST time, you mean Pakistan time it’ll be at 10:30 pm


I will be there in 777 can I have a gate?


Hi there could I please have a gate I would love to take part


What time does it start


Tonight at 17:30Z at London


I am a 747. Can i have a gate please?