Officially an Airplane Owner!


Wow! You are one fortunate man!
Look after those parents! 😊


Wow! All the best in the future and good luck! :)


You have some parents! Have lots of fun flying! Also Hope you enjoyed your visit to Kennebunk…our family has a house there and in Ogunquit. Absolutely love southern Maine.


You’ll be flying a 787 in no time!


hopefully i will get to do my dad’s retirement flight, they’re retiring the 88/90’s so i’m not sure what he will move to. he was asked about being a checkairman the C-Series, but he might rather go to one of the buses. he will go wherever he can get the best seniority however, so hopefully i can get on whatever that is when the time comes.


okay, that is pretty frickin cool. where does he work now?


he’s at delta, i was just talking about going to other equipment.he will be at delta until he retires.


Some people dream about their parents buying them a car. Let me introduce you to this -


Is it new or second hand? Also, do you choose your reg. like license plates?


it’s a 1970 model so definitely used, but it is low time and planes don’t go by the same rules as a used car does. Planes don’t depreciate the same.

you can pay to change the N number.


Wow, congrats! Sigh I wish I owned a aircraft


Uhm, you know we can find your name and all that with the reg number. You cool with that? Just letting ya know. Congrats on the plane tho!


How has it been owning an aircraft?!


what you actually find is my dad’s name; but you could find it other places as well. we’re from mississippi and we have enough guns and ammo to withstand a small army, so i’m not that worried about it!


eh so so, i suppose. it’s been broke for two weeks now… starting to get expensive lol


What yea break lol


@markstursy i landed one night, and i always put it back on the tabs before i put it in the hanger. so after i filled it up with gas, i tried to start it to drive it back over to the hangar; but it wouldn’t start. i thought it was vapor locked so i primed it twice… still wouldn’t start. then i thought well maybe it’s flooded, so i keyed the started and rocked the throttle… no joy. so i had to drag it back to the hangar, in the dark.

turns out the mixture cable broke, it was the original one from 1970. so the mechanic fixed that and the pressure switch on the hobbs. after they finished, they were cleaning it up and putting the nosebowl back on and somehow knocked a big gash in the nosebowl right above the spinner. i’m sure an FAA inspector would’ve loved to have found me on a ramp somewhere with that… so it’s in the shop being patched. the weather here has made it difficult for the fiberglass to set up and harden.


Oh darn man!
Well hopefully real soon you’re back and flying, and real glad see it happened on the ground.


looks like a great plane. im not from you in at all.


i’m thoroughly pleased with it thus far, it’s been a blast!