Officially an Airplane Owner!


Winter up in New England can do that


Good catch. You are correct.


The East coast and Florida are pretty hard on them. If they are regularly flown it’s not that big of a deal. Both the one in ME and NH were really low time as far as I remember, but hadn’t flown but 10 hours/year the past 2-3 years. Ultimately it’s a gamble, but we tried to give ourselves every chance to succeed. 05U came from Missouri.


Always welcome aboard 05U, Jason!


Sounds accurate, when I go to college I will be getting my ppl


Are you attending a flight school?


I will be getting a degree in aeronautical/aviation science, which part of the degree requires flight training


Hope you’ll come and visit Manchester, NH! Congrats for the new plane! Have fun and always be safe!


Nice airplane! Always cool and wanting too meetup with other pilots


Congrats on your new airplane! I wonder where you will be flying next. 😉


Saw a video of yours on YT. You guys are located in Arkansas?


Really that’s cool! We are located in Arkansas.


I’m located in the Northeastern portion of Mississippi. Might have to head over your way here soon!


That be awesome. Shouldn’t be too long of a flight from NE Mississippi


Very nice I hope that in the future I will be able to own my own plane


Nice plane! Do you plan on repainting it?


They say “if you’re doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”


it was painted last year so definitely not. the only things we’re planning on doing as of now is putting in carpet and a couple other cosmetic items, as well as putting a JPI engine analyzer in at annual.


i’ve also heard, “you can work for a living, or you can be a pilot.”


Congrats on getting your first plane. Hopepfuly I can have one myself someday! Follow your dreams!