Official IFAE-Global Air Forces Thread / Now accepting qualified pilots.


Who We Are

The IFAE Global Air Force Division (GAF) is a dedicated organization of the most advanced network of military pilots within Infinite Flight.

“Excellence in all we do” is more than a catch phrase. It is one of three pillars that represent our core values. All of our officers and pilots play a key role of strategic necessity from the most junior officers to our General officers corps. Our emphasis is on the value and worth of our pilots, as they serve as the organizational heartbeat of the IFAE-GAF. We lead from the back ensuring no airmen is left behind while looking ahead to the future, planning and preparing to meet the objectives of today and beyond.

We are teachers and mentors in all domains of military aviation. We learn from each other and grow from our shared experiences. We fly, fight and win together.

One vision, one team, one fight, one family.

We are IFAE Global Air Forces.

Are you ready?


Presidential and staff airlift

VC25A;C-32A(757);C-40B(737); Cessna Citation X


C130H/J/J-30; C17A


F22A; F16C; OA-10C

Mission Support


President/Commander in chief: @art_martinez
**Commander IFAE-Global Air Forces:
@Asneed8706 **
**Director of Operations
Media Division commander
Commander 1st Air Forces @Doug_Hamilton
Commander 2nd Air Forces (C130s)
Commander 3rd Air Forces
Commander Long range Exercises & plans @Ben
Marshall Euro Forces @Dan_Nutter
Commander Operations Support Staff @IFAE_AF_WILDEYE
Sq Commander No.30 SQ @J9J9T
Euro Forces Fighter Training Staff @Jeno_Farkas
Commander 336th Fighter Sq @Buccaneer
Contact us also at:

Fly In Career Mode
Work your way through the ranks from 2nd Leautinent to 4 star General. Earn citations and Decorations by accomplishing and logging sorties in our dedicated command center. Get simulated mission familarization with mission’s like Close Air Support (CAS); Air Interdiction (AI) Critical Care Air Transport (CCAT) and many others. We operate as fly from last location organization, deploy like real Airmen to Worldwide locations and train like USAF Airman with our dedicated guides and manuals based off US Air Force Instruction.


Get inducted into a brotherhood of squadrons from Fighters to Heavies there’s a home for you


Apply Today
Seeking Grades 3 - 5 with acess to expert sever; must have low vio to flight ratio.

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Very very nice thread!


Looks Amazing! I am signing up! Is their an option to your your country’s airforce pilot? That would be great. :)


Currently we operate under two forces U.S. and Euro. Plans are in the making to accomdate more forces when more national pilots join up. Please let me know if you have further questions.




Very well put together, wouldn’t expect anything less if it’s coming from the IFAE. Also, Happy Birthday @Asneed8706!


Thank you for your remarks.



Appreciate that man.



@Asneed8706 nice write up brother!


Ok sorry about that 👍🏻


Thanks man, we deffinately miss you around here. Hope all Is well brother.


proud to be a part of a great organization


We are proud to give everybody the opportunity to be apart of the greatest organization that offers professionalism,Respect and many roles for members to be apart of we hope you will like what my self and other commanders have to offer and have worked hard to create.
Fly Fight Win!


I’m currently working on a trailer for the GAF. Can’t wait to upload it!


Excellent! Thrilled to be part of a well organised team dedicated to military flight!


Very nice thread. Great work @Asneed8706. Proud to be part of this amazing group!


How do I sign up?
And I live in Japan but is it ok?


I’m part of IFAF, this is a different VO?


Very good job @Asneed8706 👍


You could sign up here:
Please send us in the message box your current grade, xp, landing count and number of flights completed.
One of our trainers will contact you.


A part of IFAE - Infinite Flight Aviation Experts