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it varies. Its not always going to be specifically 14.5K, but it’ll be around that amount if you do it for the same time.


Thats the method used ^^


2,600XP? Wow, I’m trying this right now and I’ll get to 500,000XP in no time! Thanks!



Only recommended for those that are expert fliers since the maneuvers are more advanced. Hopefully FDS will change the Expert requirement from XP to something like flight time on TS1/Expert as now a lot of unqualified fliers will use this to XP farm and move to expert prematurely.


Trust me, its difficult for users with a low skill level to do this. I’ve seen quite a few people crash lol… don’t expect many users to come trough to expert anytime soon because its also very time consuming :)


Wait, does Expert Server give you more xp?


No, it doesn’t. All servers give the exact same amount of XPs.


What he said ^^ :)



That XP tho!!!


In his videos he recommends that the flap setting be “2” not “full.” Just a heads up.


@IFP-Dan You are the first on today’s leaderboard (XP Category) ;)


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Nice to see some of you there!
@ThomasR @Darth_Sidious

Our flight KML


Well, that’s the first time I’ve been on the leaderboard! ☺️


The videos you create are amazing you deserve to have more subscribers on YouTube.😱


I’ll get you! @IFP-Dan Im almost in the top 5!


@IFP-Dan How did you do the last screen?


What do you mean???