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I know you will make some amazing videos after global is released ;) And I can’t wait to see what FDS is cooking for the app trailer


The global trailer will be amazing!


OK, you can upscale to any resolution you want but it will still look like the recorded video, just larger.


4K :) 20 characters


Thank You

I can’t thank you guys enough for all of the support you give me! Honestly I put so much effort into these videos, and as you can imagine, it gets really stressful. I am posting this right now because I just had a very stressful moment with Mondays video and I was bound to break something. But fortunately I didn’t because I took the time to reflect on what I’ve done and all of the kind, truly motivational comments you guys leave. I seriously love and appreciate everything you comment and reply. Ugh, even through a little post I personally feel that I can’t get this message across. But yeah, theres my thoughts and feelings… expect a video on Monday :)





I have a few questions. Im assuming all those lines represents a flight? Is 14,500XP the amount you have gained in a month? Why show a flight where you flew for 1 hour and 30 mins, was it your first flight? Your last flight? Your longest flight? I’m very confused…


He got that much xp in one session, I didn’t see where it showed us how he got it, thats why I watched it.


Oh, I understand now! Wait, how could you have gained 14,500 XP in 1 hour and 30 minutes? I can barely get 1,000XP…


He did one flight that lasted 1h and 30min and got 14,500XP for it. What could you possibly not understand?


It’s the lines and 14,500xp that I don’t understand, why do many lines in 1 hour and 30 minutes?


The real question is how did he get 14,500XP


I guess I need to try this later on this evening!


And why so many lines? Is that how many touch and go’s he did?


The yellow is his flight history, so I presume they were touch and goes but it seems impossible to get 14,500XP considering he left the airspace a few times, this one puzzles me. @IFP-Dan any help?


I call it magic ;) Jk, the answer is touch and goes!


How, I am really curious how you got that much XP, you should have recorded the flight as well and put LiveFlight and the flight side by side, would have given us a better understanding how many we’d have to complete in that hour and 30 mins.


Touch and goes? No…🤔 an hour and 30 minutes doing touch and goes at EGLL gives you 14,500XP?



It isnt the video of the flight you just did, I was wondering about the 14,500XP one