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Absolutely loved the part from 01:12-01:15. Very creative, amazing camera work and an excellent job well done. Probably one of my favorite Infinite Flight videos out there.


How do you record? I was wondering how I could make on work these because I'm not bad at editing videos I just need to know how to get good recording software


I use quicktime player on iMac


Thank you aha it took a bit of time to get that scene perfect :)


Can't wait to see what you guys will produce when global is released...

Btw, @IFP-Dan, what are features you think would help to make producing those video easier?


New cinematic camera angles, definitely. Also ways to fix the free cam on the aircraft.


Not much really but some new things would be nice like having the ability to disable the HUD while using the free-cam as it can get in the way sometimes. A few more cinematic camera angles and that's about it really :)

There's currently a few bugs that get in the way. These being as you fly next to the aircraft with the camera and the camera goes "out of range" you could say and when you use the replay feature while using free-cam the plane seems to be having a mind of its own, jumping around everywhere haha!

Also a few more cockpit cameras/angles would be nice :)


I know that the question was for Dan but,
A full immersive mode would be nice. Where there's no bottom bar and when you touch the HUD doesn't appear.


Pretty much what I said ;)


I’m sorry, but I think IF is not “runnable” in 4K. There is no way to know that for sure since we only get to choose “Low” “Medium” or “High” and no real resolutions, but since the only 4K phone I know of is the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium I highly doubt (I am sure) the developers wouldn’t make the game run at 4K on all phones who set it to high. Even if you have a Z5, I don’t think “High” is native resolution.

So PLEASE stop the clickbait :)


The video is officially 4K. I am against clickbait as I find it really unnecessary. If you really want... PM me and I'll show you that it rendered in 4K :)


He rendered it in 4K, saw it on his Insta livestream.


You can configure the bar not to be there in settings


Yh I know but what I meant was a way of clicking a button which gets rid of everything (user names, airport names, status bar, HUD etc...) Without having to turn them off individually.


Oh, ok, nevermind then.


Another brilliant video, really well done!


Of course the guy who try's to ruin everyone's thunder


Well done Dan! I'm enjoying this :)


Wow, very good job Dan! Maybe the devs should give you global to make some new "cinematic" videos....😁
P.s. Really good choice of song.


Thank you!

Already been in contact with Laura and the IF instagram about that and they sadly said no :( but oh well