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Because I missed out Friday :)


To show respect and in the remembrance of those who died in the horrific Manchester bombings and the attack in London, I will be creating a nice, slow, IF remembrance video. Please stay tunedπŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ


I say your videos are mmmmmm spicy and top notch. If my computer was better I could have been using a better editor than Windows Movie Maker. Keep up yer videos and just an idea to keep in mind. You should make an unofficial IF trailer. Just saying Pete.


Nice video! I especially love the opening scene with the crj 200. Looks amazing ;)

also what editing software do you use?


If this dude is in IFC please answer this comment, really great job...


I was thinking about making one last night;)


Thanks man! Appreciate the feedback:)


Thank you! I just use iMovie on iMac πŸŽ₯🎞


Upload schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday




Very nice video and idea. It's very kind of you to pay respect to the people effected.


While I can't hear music, I wonder why didn't you use British Airways livery more to pay respect to victims.


That's true, would of made more of a respect video then. Nice video nonetheless!


That is a good point but the video, just like any other would get very dull, very quick :) would you like to be staring at the same livery for a few mins?


With the amazing shots you pull of I think you could pull it off. ;)


True, maybe change that tail view of BA livery to other view for better effect or substitute Boeing 747-8F with British Airways B747-400 would have bigger impact.


why thank you very much ;) Appreciate your support!


True, there's always time for improvements!


Upload schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday




Can we hit 200 subscribers? πŸ™πŸΌ


Very well made dude! 10/10