New YouTube video is now up! - InfiniteFlightPosts


Clearly not unlisted…
but I accept the rest of your reasoning. Hope to see a new video soon :)


How you have 4K if video?


I have absolutely no idea. It’s only happened once. Clicked export on iMovie and the option for 4K was just sitting there 🎞


Oh so it’s being upscaled to 4K, not properly 4K. Makes sense


Well… Education first. I’ll be back with frequent vids in July 2018


Thanks so much guys, I appreciate it so much :)


Congratulations on one thousand subscribers! I watched it! It was on my recommended!


Thank you! Noticed you’ve been a sub for a while so thanks for that too :)


I know ypu said you’ll be gone from YouTube. But with the new update around the corner. I can tell that’s not further from the truth👀.lol


Well I did say that I’d upload videos every so often 😉


A New Dawn. Hola global


Lucky you got to fly! I’m still waiting for the servers to be in better condition. 😬





Watching it now ;)…


The takeoff transition/drop was nasty! well done!


Starting from today, I’m willing to make virtual Airline trailers. It’s guaranteed that a few will join your VA. This will last for two weeks, so if anyone would like a HD trailer made, please contact me in whatever way you wish to. - Dan


What about EasyJet VA @IFP-Dan


Yep I can do that 👍🏼 Will record it tonight


Ok, awesome thanks! :)