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If there’s is going to be


@IFP-Dan All your videos are amazing! Cant wait to see what you do with global and the md11/dc10 update.


Thank you! Neither can I tbh, it’ll look great :)


Well there first thing I’m doing once global is released is opening the screen recorder and uploading a vid asap. And then I will fly ;)

Infinite Flight Movie - Global


It gets really good around 0:24!


What do you think? Is it good?


Sounds like the sort of music where there should be a monster 777-300ER causing over the alps… will save this for global :)

Edit: Or not, look at the description…


Is it copyrighted???


yeah, have a look at the bottom of the description


NoCopyrightSounds on YouTube is one of the best places to look. I love NCS, they have great stuff.


That screen recorder is not available anymore in that tutorial video.


I know. I have pinned a comment and I will try to find a working way with a trusted developer


Sorry that it’s quite a short video. Got rushed at the last min but hey, it’s better than nothing :)


I loved the Air India 744 landing in the end. Keep up the good work!


Is there going to be an Airbus video ?


He’s already done one. :)


Oh, didn’t know. Thanks tho, both Airbus and Boeing vids are awesome.


Introducing Something New!

What is this “something new” you may ask…
Pretty much Instead of me constantly uploading Infinite Flight Movies, I want to get a bit more involved with the community & subscribers themselves. Being completely honest, I have had this idea for quite a while now. From when I only had around 50 subs :)
So what I want to do is record your events that take place in Infinite Flight! Obviously at the same time you’ll be supplying me with content. So in return I will give you the following things listed below:

  • Link to any of your social media accounts in the description (Not being specific because for example some people may not have Instagram)

  • If you’re a content creator I will add one of your videos to the cards of that event video

  • I will pin one of your social media accounts in the description

^(Only applies to the event creator)^

Now if you do want one of your events recorded then don’t hesitate to chuck a PM over to me. In the PM, please make sure you either tell me the event name so I can look for it or just simply provide a link.

Feedback on this new idea would be appreciated!
Do you like the idea?

  • Yeah!
  • No

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You should consider doing a few promotional videos for some VA’s, especially the newer ones. Looks like a great idea and hope to use it some time in the future!


Recorded a few clips from busy London city airport tonight! Vid should be up soon. You might see yourself if you were there👀