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I see y u are outraged totally agree with people should stop stealing others work …@IFP-Dan


Apologize sir @Marns didn’t mean to steal no ones work. But I’m just excited to be on the community website… accept my sincere apologies.


I don’t think you should be apologizing to me ,the person you should apologize to is @IFD-Dan,but anyway u shouldn’t feel down anyone can make a mistake its call living, mistakes makes us who we are today and mistake are there because we are human and iam pretty sure @IFD-Dan will surely understand course his human too if u apologize to him


Accept my apologies IFD_Dan


I’m really confused. Are you one of the people who re-uploaded my content?


Next vids 4K!


I recorded 200 videos and probably didn’t even use half of that haha, enjoy!



This one felt a bit rushed. Still love your work though. Good edits, angles. Global will defo bring in a lot of new shots for you. Keep it up


Yeah I know but unfortunately I couldn’t go any longer as the song was short :/

Always appreciate the support and feedback!


Great videos as always keep making them & don’t stop.


The video is sick for sure! Love your videos man!!


I love that scene at the end. Great video as always, Dan!


Don’t be I have just explain to @amalikyte1 to stop taking video couz he’s new on infinite community, so he did know!



A while back when I first saw your channel, I practically Binge-watched your videos. The outcome with your videos is incredible. It just shows that all the effort you put into your videos pays off! Well done.


Yeah aha, hard work pays off. Thank you!!


May I request a song for a future video?

Btw your previous vids are amazing


Thanks, and yeah sure, go ahead! It can’t be copyrighted.


Awesome video! I love that you put all of this hard work into Infinite Flight to make it more realistic.

Maybe you can make the second trailer for Global!