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Hey guys, I am now unable to edit the main part of this post so the title & description will now be default.

Quality infinite flight videos will be uploaded weekly! These videos are viewable from 144p up to 4K!

Every new video will be posted all the way down at the bottom of this post from now on but like always, I hope you enjoy these videos “and until then, ill see you in the next one” - Happy Landings :)

Looking to know how to do a live flight video

It looks great, however haven't you already got a thread for this? Correct me if I am wrong.


Very good, seems like you put a lot if work into this. :)


AMAZING video, however I feel that you should keep all your videos in one big thread (that you already made) instead of creating new threads for each one, it clogs the form. You could even change the thread title to "New video!" whenever you post one.


true but its a different topic. the other one was a trailer and now this is my main thread


Very well made I must say. One thing, I would never use auto thrust for TO. It means it sets throttle to 100% (104%N1) which is unrealistic (:


I know aha, I usually takeoff manually but just for the sake of this video it had to look smooth :)


Very well made video :)


Cinematography is very nicely done! Maybe some soundtrack for the first 7:40. Still, I like what you've done here.


new video is now live!

Did you like?


It is a great video. Love these kind of content in the community!
One thing I didn't like though: on the QALink Q400, for example, you put a black screen and synced it with the music, and that I didn't like. Maybe another image, camera angle, just that a black screen doesn't look good IMO.
Great video anyways! Keep it up! 👍


Good video. Great cinematography! Keep up the good work

Where was that shot and what server? lol


I have three letters for you sir,



good, i liked it.

keep making more


Training server 1! thanks for the feedback!


thanks for the feedback! if you've got any ideas or suggestions PM me :)


todays video is now up :)


Fell free to tune into the live stream currently taking place at KSAN TS1! You might see yourself :)


Will it be recorded and saved here after 😃


Yes! It shall be up within 24h