NEW Expert ATC Schedule • 12-18 Feb 18


Yes, there’s a specific time. Tyler or Mark will post more infos and details on Friday before the event starts.


Ok, thanks for clearing this up!


Great schedule! About to fly from Manchester to Madeira right now!


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I really hope a IFATC member opens up LPMA :)


WOOHOO! I had to miss out on EDDF services yesterday, but I will DEFINITELY be longhauling from KATL-EDDF on Sunday. Well, hopefully. Maybe Saturday night into Sunday.


Really do. I’m currently headed there and would really love some ATC action


Woah, woah, woah, you forgot about Sunday! Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

Sunday: Atlantic long-hauling!? Better grab my A318!


Hopefully south America will get some love next week


Love the schedule today!!!


Amazing, looking forward to it


Portuguese islands!! I love to land at LPMA


I just landed there awfully
not so crowded and just one controller (tower) on duty. maybe I missed the peak hours ☺️☺️


I will attend these flights in the weekdays


I had a fair number of ops during off peak (my prime time) 6 hours ago at LPMA. There’s also no ground at LPMA. You and your ground crew are responsible for the safe movement of your aircraft on the apron ;)


exactly, but either way doesn’t matter for me, LPMA much more needs approach controller rather than ground IMO, pretty well challenging to land there :)


Someone open KGNC in the Grand Canyon 😍

Or KBIL… so many lovely US airports I could mention!


What a great day for a short haul. My favorite. Today’s schedule get’s a👌 out of 10. :)