NEW ATC Schedule • 6-12 Aug 18


@Captain_JR Thanks for the positive feedback. Always happy to control. See you around!



I think SKBO is open right now as I’m writing this, matter in fact I’ve seen all the featured airports beong opened multiple times thoughout the time today. But i do get your point. The bigger Bravo Classes often gets all the trffic and can seem a bit boring and annoying for some. But once a Bravo is opened people storm it and there’s not stopping. Lets say KLAS is opened, people go there, and as soon as KLAX opens, people will not stop coming and going. And even when IFATC leaves there’s a huge amount of traffic inbound and on the ground. And if KLAX is on the schedule and there’s a lot of planes coming then someone has to control and organize it all. But you do have a valid point though, and i will say i support it to a certain extend.

The things is there’s three different perspectives to see it from and that’s why it gets complicated.

  1. Pilots who don’t want Bravos to take up all of thr ATC’s time.

  2. Those who fly heavies into Bravos all day long.

  3. ATC has to see where there’s a need of a controller. Either to help out at overcrowded Bravo airspaces or open a smaller Charlie, Delta, Echo…


We almost always have the featured airport open, but yeah I get it, I see your point though, and I’m guilty of this, who wants to sit watching cement at the featured airport with 1 arrival, versus the very very busy non featured airport, but still in the list of required airports to open.

Once one major bravo is open, that’s the airport, people fly in and create flights and plan to depart from it all day, we wil keep it staffed

You could of course, join IFATC and make sure the featured airport is always open. :)

BTW, there isn’t ever one featured airport, there’s a few to choose from


I should clarify, this isnt an issue when there isnt a featured airline for the day but when there is a featured airline for the day. Take it being Avianca day, if it is Avianca day there should be a concerted effort to be encouraging people to fly Avianca flights by having their Hub open.


Fair enough, good point.
We should continue in a PM, if you want to further discuss things :)


I think the main reason LEMD has been open for most of the day is because of the update and people wanting to fly the new Air Nostrum.


Thanks for the feedback. LEMD was included to allow longer routes like the popular 787-8 Avianca service. That said, I’m not “cracking down” on anything becuase there is no primary, secondary, or tertiary airports. I provide airports we can feature with a recommended airline but IFATC is welcome to open any of those the same way a pilot can choose the field he/she wishes to spawn at.

I’d assume the lack of HD scenery is one key factor, but either way it’s their choice. I apologize if this reads harshly but I’d like to hit home a point which has been stated many times. ATC is a voluntary effort for the sole purpose of enjoyment, not a 9-5 job. It should not be seen any different than the way our pilot community chooses what and where to fly in the confines of the schedule.

I’ll continue to adjust based on feedback. Cheers! 🙂


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It will be posted under #live:events when it is posted. Just relax and enjoy the new update while you wait.


Ok, thanks for this information!


A Friendly Reminder!

Before more people begin to ask, “Where is FNF”, “When will FNF be at?” and/or “Why hasn’t FNF been posted yet?”.

Let me start of by saying that FNF is going to be posted later when Mark has the time to do so and also when he is finished with it. We don’t know where it will be and we are not supposed to speculate either. Have patience and FNF will be announced very soon. As there isn’t a specific time FNF is supposed to be posted, it’ll come when Mark is done and ready to post it.

So to maintain a clean thread here this week, let’s not ask for FNF, rather wait and get the beautiful threat as it comes.

Thank You for reading and for your cooperation to keep this thread clean and on-topic 😊

// JR


Adding on to you JR, these posts will be flagged as “off-topic”.


Can anyone please explain how the FNF works? And also what does ”TBD” stand for? I know they have the FNF at LFPO but I see other airports with ATC. I didn’t know it was allowed? Anyway, how will I know what other airports will have ATC on FNF other than LFPO.


TBD means ‘to be decided’. @Tyler_Shelton just hasnt updated it, but he doesnt need to.

With FNF, LFPO is the main airport to be open, but any airports around the world can be opened


Now I finally get it. Thank u so much! 😊


Thank you for my first even! Great job for ATC’s… pretty busy tour!


What time zone is the 12:00 start?


whats this for? let me help.


The Denver event today. Is it 12 pm est?


Please ask this in the event thread next time. Yes, it is at 12:00 EDT. The time is in the description of the event.