NEW ATC Schedule • 6-12 Aug 18


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Utilize the event thread for that request. 🙂


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This is not the thread to request a gate. We are simply providing ATC service for an event. Proceed to the event thread to request an assignment.

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Saturday IFATC are only allowed to open in Colorado… I believer as Colorado is the only state in the US colored in.


Not true. Tyler states that any of the airports that have a route from KDEN can be opened.


Oh awesome! Didn’t read enough 🙊


Please see ^^^


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The 9 am BST flights that left Paris this morning will be arriving into CYYZ in around 1hr20. From my radar, I can see 7 aircraft that are inbound.

IFATC, is there any provision for a controller to facilitate arrivals from around a 1hrs from now onwards?

Thanks guys and gurls!


From my view, it feels like you’re sort of requesting IFATC to be at CYYZ to meet up with your arrival, apologizes if you’re not doing that but let me cut to the chase.

Simply asking or requesting for IFATC to be active upon someone’s arrival to a specific airport isn’t something you can do. I mean you can always hope that you’ll get ATC when you’re inbound but there’s never a 100% certainty that will be the case.

And IFATC are humans like me and you, they have a lofe to live and can’t just be stuck, glued to their screen all day… unlike me and you who are pilots flying, we can after reching cruise leave our device aside and carry on with life as usual. Do what we do, watch movie, take a nap, go out with friends and etc… whatever you do :)
But IFATC can’t until they have controlled for a certain period of time based on the class of the airspace i believe, and when they are done with their shift, only then they may leave and do what they have to do, unless there’s a emergency and they are forced to leave earlier, those are exceptional conditions.

Anyways, pretty much, all you can do is hope and pray, do whichever one or both, that IFATC will accommodate you into your final destination.

Thank you for reading, and I don’t mean to say you’re wrong in your request of hoping ATC will be active upon your arrival. All I’m saying is, IFATC will comtroll when they and when they want. And sometimes life calls, and you’ll have to be away from playing a sim.

Hope you a have a safe landing, get ATC upon arrival and have continuous great day :)

// JR


Whilst I take your point, I would argue that CYYZ is today’s airport. I am hardly making a request that is outside expectation.

IFATC do a fantastic job. I look forward to their services whenever i see them online. Brilliant job, Thank you.


Really excited for Latin America tomorrow!


Sunday is going to be crazy!
Lets do an LTBA - OMDB - LTBA Round Trip!


Tomorrows FNF should hopefully be focused around regional flights in the new CRJ-200/1000 if we follow tradition of having an update-themed FNF related to the most recent update.

Fingers crossed…


That would be a lot of fun ;)


Great Job @Justin_Chan on controlling Tower at LEMD. Everything flows on smoothly, although I can sense the stressful situation in the air, but yet e was able to manage the traffic :)

Got unexpectedly fast replies and took off on time, peaceful departure 😁

Umm well, hehe… Can’t say the same about my landing tho… #RyannairLanding170ktsAnd-1200FPM


Ground was actually @Jeffrey1o2, he was a great help!


Oh yeah, sorry, I got that confused, haha.

Great Job on the ground @Jeffrey1o2, nice and smooth as always 😁


I would like to once again state that I and others I have talked to have found issue with IFATC keeping the secondary airports of the day open longer than the featured airport for the featured airline. A few examples have been

  1. Today’s featured airport of SKBO (featured airline Avianca) being open only once in the morning compared to LEMD being open the entire nearly endlessly throughout the day.

  2. RPLL a few weeks ago with Philippine Airlines as the featured airport was open for around 3-4 hours total compared to the near full day opening of RKSI.

  3. Airports for ATC choice days having the scheduled open airports (like Monday’s) actually closed in preference for other “busier” airports.

Really cant stress how inexcusable the argument is for “IFATC wants busier airports so they go to the busy ones” is. We all know for a fact that when IFATC opens somewhere aircraft go to that airport, as long as people feel certain that airport will be open when they arrive. So of course more people are going to go to LEMD if they see it remaining open continuously but no one will want to go to SKBO if they see that it isnt really being opened at all. A perfect example is FNF. People flock to that featured airport the entire day because they know there is a very good chance it will be open. No one is going to an airport because it is the busiest, they are going to it because it is staying open long enough for them to get there.

I love the featured airlines day and having multiple airports open, but I think IFATC leadership needs to really crack down on ensuring that the primary airport of the day for the featured airline is open more than the secondary airport.If that cant be resolved and enforced than I believe just listing only one airport as being allowed to be open for the day is the way it will need to go.This is becoming a cycle of the same airports being open all day and leaving out unique and fun airports high and dry. A prime example is today. Who would want to fly Avianca flights if LEMD being the airport opened the entire day? Really that just promotes people flying Iberia rather than Avianca as was the theme for the day.