Near No Hours Collected on 10hr Flight


So I did an overnighter in the 747-400 YSSY-PHNL (10 Hour Flight) And i pressed end flight and these were the stats I got:

There should be at least 10hrs of Flight time
Here’s the proof I did the flight:

Has thi s happened to you? Or does anyone know what was possibly happening?

Didn’t get xp and flight hours (global)

Server issues? Seems that I can’t even connect to servers this morning. Probs the servers didn’t count the hours cause they are down.


Ok, thanks for the solution, (probably what it is)


It is frustrating, first you don’t have enough fuel so you have to land at Brisbane and dump all that fuel, refuel and then you don’t get xp or hours


Haha yeah, I figured I actually packed the right amount for YSSY-PHNL but it was on climbout I kept checking the ETA and how much fuel I have left, so it was a bigger fuel flow which lead to my belief that I couldn’t make it. But Brisbane looked nice