naro's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]


Hello, I’d like to start an ATC tracking thread for myself. IFATC is hopefully the end goal, and feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


How long are you going to be open?


A bit, hopefully get a few aircraft and a few patterns in.

If no one shows up in the next 15 or so, I’ll sign off.


Also put this in the #atc category plz :)


Just some food for thought here. Give the community and pilots enough time to come fly patterns. Recommend you stay open for at least 30 minutes :)


Apologies, had to do the dash.

I’ll be back tomorrow with this in mind. ;)


Currently open at KSSC.


Currently open at KSSC for the next half hour.


Currently open at KSSC for the next hour.


I’ll stop by in 15-20 mins!


Currently open at KSSC. Would be great to have as many aircraft come and fly patterns as possible!


Have you got a new ATC plan? I’m sure I’ll be here!


Currently open at KVAD for the next hour or so.

Please come and stop by.


I will be there in 2 mn. Nasa 1


Feedback(I didnt see your sequencing, because I was the only one there)
Great job. Proper transition and pattern entries. But you must still work on some:

•After the transition I reported inbound on the ILS. Your command was:“clear for the option”. Then I requested again and you told me:“clear to land”. The correct one is clear to land. If I was for the option, I should have said:inbound on the ILS for touch and go…
•Now when I was on the ground, you told me to :“turn right,cross RNW 36R”. There is no need to cross one RNW to taxi to parking. On my left side there were over 50 gates to park.

All in all. Keep up the great work. I also suggest to contact a trainner to organize together a training session, to work on your sequence with testers that can also provide you with feedback(But that would be usefull, if you wanted to continue with IFATC.)


Well if there was no approach @Thomasgravanis , and judging by how you wrote it I’ll assume there wasn’t, my question is why are you even calling inbound on the ILS? AFAIK, you should only call inbound on the ILS after being cleared for the ILS by the approach controller, hence @naro’s response should have been ‘Nasa 1, please check tutorials on the forum for assistance using ATC instructions’ + pattern entry + sequence (if applicable) + clearance. Furthermore, a clearance for the option covers a touch and go, stop and go, low pass, full stop landing etc, and so technically what he did wasn’t fully incorrect. You should know this 😡


@jakcharvat. Why am I not allowed to call inbound on the ILS??. Basicaly what you mean is that when I call inbound for landing, the proper command should be:“clear for the otpion”??.No. If I wanted to remain in the pattern(by doing a touch and go,low pass,stop and go) I should have called inbound on the ILS for touch and go…
e.x If there was approach and you were tower, and an ac called inbound on the ILS, what would you give him???"Clear for the option???No. “Number 1,RNW XX,clear to land” is the correct responce. Now although there was no approach, tower must give pattern entry->clearence. If you want to clarify anything else, please PM me,because this is Naros thread, who wants to sharpen his ATC skills.
King regards,


Currently open at KSJC for the next half hour.


Will be there in 2mn. Nasa 1


Great job @naro. Nothing to say. I think you are ready to apply for IFATC. For more details, check the following post: