My spotting at Indianapolis International!


I love seeing and hearing the FedEx roar out at 4:00. It usually wakes me up! I live right near Plainfield!


I ran an looked into the FedEx DC-10/MD-11 thing. That one is a MD-10-10F


FedEx will be retiring the MD-11, 10, and A300(F).

They will be buying more 767s and 777s. 😊✈️


FedEx converted all of their DC10s into MD10s because it is easier to operate with the glass cockpit and dual license with the MD11.


so that is the only difference, MD-10 is a converted and “revamped” DC-10. They are the same aircraft?


MD11 cockpit on the DC10 airframe. Simple as that.


Probably a 787, not enough demand for a 777.


But then again AA flies 777-200ER’s from RDU-Heathrow, we will have to wait and see what happens I guess.


Bit late to the party, amazing photos! What camera do you use?


Also, since it is Colts season we will be getting more charter services such as 777 American and 767!


I love love love this!! Well done and amazing photos (especially my baby girl Mel the Deer Airbus A319 Frontier Airlines aircraft 😜). Interesting tidbit of information, that aircraft you saw p, I believe Frontier retired the animal and aircraft on the 8th of this month.


I use a Nikon B500 :)


Dang that’s sad, it was a regular here at IND


I totally would but of course I have school :/ anyways hope you have a nice flight!


I’m pretty sure it’s one of the few republic planes that operate under itself, I could be wrong though


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