Mojave Graveyard


Sadly it's not open to the public, I was there on other business.. But the highway is right next to the runway and you are pretty close to them all on the perimeter. It's in the desert, so suddenly out of no where these planes all appear. it's pretty cool.


Wish I could take a 747 or 777 home and fix it up and get it flying again!


i found one from inside the DC-9 cockpit at night...


I drove by this place on my way to Mammoth... kinda depressing lol


Awesome post! Thanks so much for sharing! I remember when I was younger, I was in the backseat on the way to California from Vegas with my parents; this brings back great memories.


Awesome! Wasn't this place also featured in

Living in the Age of Airplanes?


Well you can actually, however you need to contact various companies and then if you want to take anything you'll need money...A lot of it. Here's my mojave desert:

All are old model kits or plastic snap fit replicas that I'm rebuilding or repainting, or repairing.


I found out that the DC-10 that caused the Concorde crash is there at the desert graveyard, did you get a chance to see it?


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