Model Aircraft Collections


New update on my model airport and it’s a BIG one!

Blue tape Will be where taxi lines go. Two terminals terminal one, and the international terminal.

I made a table. Glass shelving space underneath.

Edit: 560 man hours in the hanger alone


You’ve spent over 23 full days around the clock working on just that?


Well the table took longer then I would have hoped but yeah. Probably if not a little more.


Quick preview of my de havilland comet 4b in BEA airtours livery.


Long live the legacy of Midwest Express! This model is incredibly rare, made by Phoenix Models in 1:400 scale


Did you paint the model?


I just bought the following aircraft:

Alaska Airlines “SkyWest” Embrear 175
Alaska Airlines Boeing B737-800
Delta Airlines MD-90
Virgin America Airbus A320
American Airlines Airbus A321
Spirit Airlines Airbus A319
JetBlue Airbus A320 Blueberries
United Airbus A319
United Boeing 787-8
Norwegian Boeing 787-8

For a total of $100


In what currency 😂😂
That’s a haul of way more than $300!


Exactly ;) I found a seller who is willing to sell his aircraft regardless of livery, aircraft, rarity, etc, at a price of $10 per aircraft not including shipping.
Those aircraft I bought are not the entire amount I’m gunning for. He’s also willing to sell airport maps/terminals and a few heavies including an AF 747 and a BA 380 for under $100.


You have struck gold my friend. Good job 😉


A literal gold vein! I am fully aware of how lucky I am. Most people would be spending hundreds for these models…and I’m able to do it at a price I never thought possible. My YouTube channel will show them off soon.


Tell him to get on EBay! 😜


What website do you use!!,


eBay ;) in 1:400 scale


Yes it was a kit from Airfix


3 of my 7 models came today! In order from top to bottom:
Air Greenland A330, Turkish 777 IST-SFO, and American Airlines A350:


Part of my model airport is done!



Hit me with some suggestions for new aircraft to operate at my British Based International Airport!


LH A321, BA A380, KLM 747 how about those?


Has anybody got quite big models??