Model Aircraft Collections


1:400, with 1:200, you are throwing your money away, it’s too expensive unless you get a snap-for model, SKYMARKS do a couple of nice 1:200 snap-fits, not that expensive, however I still suggest 1:400


Ok I’ll do 1:400 thx guys


I’m a die-heart 1:200 fan. I recommend it.


This is my model airport I made a year ago. I got a couple of new models but overall it stayed the same. The airport is a blend of Changi and Heathrow T5. The design is mine own. It’s called ORB or Orbiter International Airport.


Just placed the order for my Air Belgium A340, Air Greenland A330, American Airlines A350, ANA A380 (1:400), Turkish 777 IST-SFO (1:400), Air Canada 737MAX, Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 (1:400). They will be arriving Mid-July (hopefully). When those arrive I’ll be ordering the ANA A380 in 1:200 scale along with one other model. Which will depend on what available in 1:200 scale at the time.


Just got a new 1/100 Sukhou Superjet 100!


Im going to buy f16 or gripen but i can decide

  • F16CJ
  • Jas 39 gripen

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Hey everyone, I am planning on buying airplanes models. But what exactly am I supposed to do with them ? Just store them ? And could anyone please tell me what website I could buy it from ? (I live in the UAE so any places near or any websites ?) Thank you :)


The F-16 looks a lot better!


image little bit but not much


If that is the attitude you’re going towards model collecting, than don’t buy one. You are suppose to love one,to enjoy one, to put it in the most visible place and look at it. Not “store” it.


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Hi what’s the size of them ?
(1 : ? )


an overview of my airport the AA concourse Main international gates (can you spot the Gemini jets aircraft) The heavy terminal An overview of the taxiways and control tower (thinking of making the diagonal “taxiway” a cargo apron for a UPS 747) GA parking with a Learjet 45. My airport is mainly made up of those airplane toys that you can find online for cheap. if you have any questions about my airport feel free to tell me


I have 1:200 and 1:400


Farewell to the A380 and hello Boeing 777-300ER this Christmas!
Today Long Island International said farewell to the A380 due to gate issues. Emirates will re-open this route this year at Christmas!


1:400 scale aircraft


Get them both! Beautiful


I would if i would have ennought money 😆


both 1.500 diecast


That is my dream collection man that is lit