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Getting a United 777-300ER (N50831) and a Delta A350-900 (N502DN) today! My dad happened to be in Vegas for the WSOP, and he went and got the models! He’s flying back tonight!



What’s better for a model airport? 1:400 or 1:500?


I’d say 1:400. Many different types of companies, which means many different types of airliners, big and small. 1:500 really only has Herpa, while 1:400 has Gemini Jets, Phoenix, Aeroclassics, JCWings just to name a few


That F-18s a doozy, so many small pieces especially in the Cockpit, unfortunately it was my first non snap together maddel, so I kinda gave up…

The other older plane is not that hard though…


I have both they are really beautiful models! You won’t be disappointed! I am so happy with the UA 777 I might get the 1:200 version also.


Oh, sorry, i meant 1:200


Here’s a question for those of you out there who seem to be really into the models, to set up a basic airport with a few good aircraft, and maby one or two terminals, what do you think would be a good number (US) to start saving for, becuais it looks pretty expensive…

Just curious for a ball park, you don’t need to tell me exactly how much you spent… (I mean if you want to go for it, but you don’t need to)


I went on Amazon or ebay and saved a bunch of planes in my cart and total it was 2000 usd i think


Oh, 💩…

I need to teach a lot of swimming lessons…


I aim for the most realistic models which generally means the parts are a lot smaller in size.

If you have a hard time I found using tweezers helpful when it comes to fine details.


No, I was just young, so it probably wasn’t that bad, but I remember it being terrible, I just gave up on the cocpit, and painted it black 😂


On the Gemini jets, does the landing gear retract?


1:200 is very expensive and I mean VERY expensive. I would recommend using Eztoys or Airline Museum as they have prices that are quite low and hard to finds. But a good amount to save up for if you also want a few models would be around $700 or more depending on what aircraft you want to get.


You can take the wheels out and replace them with flat pieces instead. The wheels are magnetic and so are the plates.


That just made me sold on a Southwest 737 Max 8… Thanks Daniel!


Your welcome! FYI the SWA 737max is awesome I have it in 1:200 the blades spin very well and the stand makes it look even better (if that’s possible) enjoy!


And the wheels roll, correct?


Yes they do in fact roll very well if I might add


Just buy a 3d printer and print your own aiport/ the parts for it anyway!

A lot cheaper than two grand.

I have a 3D printer myself and enjoy printing out small model figurines so I can imagine being able to make parts for an airport!


So, I’ve figured out the definite aircraft I’ll be getting.

An Air Belgium A340-300 1:200

A British Asia Airways Landor Livery 747-400 1:200

And a Swissair 747-300 also in 1:200


Air China “smiling China” 777 1:200

Virgin Atlantic Concorde 1:200