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Where’s the flag from? Did you serve?


“I am an Aviation Resource Manager for the United States Air Force.” - Asneeds Bio


Should’ve checked his bio before writing that comment right? :)))))


All good, yes I am currently still serving. That flag flew with me on an incentive ride along the DMZ when I served in South Korea from 2012 to 2013.


Quick preview of what im working in. Have been working on it for a few months. I know im slow at it but im busy Well done if you guess wha it is. And very well done if you guess what is happening in the picture. @ServerGhost and other people who make scale models can’t answer the second question. I got a new workspace and ut is far better so this will be my best probably.
Expected completion date: 2 weeks from now.


Once completed tag me so I can see it!


Oh that’s that weird rocket ship looking fighter jet.

(BAC Lightning after a quick search)


Correct about the aircraft.


Who says you can’t have it all. Next project 1:72 F16CJ Block 50.


Just got this in today! First ever Frontier Model I’ve owned. Very nice, and it’s the Airbus A320neo!
Reg: N307FR


My model is behind schedule as I have run out of varnish and have ordered more but it is a while before it arrives. I am also going camping this weekend so I won’t be doing it when I normally do. (Saturday morning most of the time for a hour or so) I am also behind due to the fact my new teacher loves homework. If youwant I can provide picture as a update. I have started a de havilland comet 4 in BEA airtours livery now while I have been waiting. On Friday I will also go back to basics by doing a spitfire model at a club I go to. (They don’t have much so it will be basic)


I had models but I don’t buy and keep models at home because I don’t wanna waste money It’s better for me to go Dublin Airport sit on grass and watch airplanes but I like aviation so much ,but for this time I’m collecting rockets.


The models I do can be much cheaper rangeing from £2:50 (airfix 1:72 spitfire mk.1a) to hundreds of pounds (tamyia models) you just need to make them


I’m looking to get the American A321 soon and hopefully Gemini comes out with the UA max9.


I just got a China Airlines A333. Idk who made it but the scale is 1:200. Looks pretty nice to be honest.

Also looking at getting a Delta 757 and a Finnair or Malaysia A350.


what even is that kind of model?


It’s not so much a waste of money if you enjoy building them and appreciating their aesthetic.


The newest member of my collection:


@Northwest what is the averave price of these model jets?
I’m thinking about buying one.


Well, the 1/200 Aerolíneas A340 was a Skymarks model that I got off eBay and it was $42. If you like KLM, they sell some of their models for a very good deal: