Model Aircraft Collections


Oh crud I have a UPS 748 (by an unknown manufacturer, but quality is as good as GeminiJets) I left at school…I’ll take pictures when I get back for sure

Approx cost: $40
Scale: 1:400
Die-cast model

It once almost killed me because of how sharp it’s edges and wingtips are


Just came back from spotting at Toronto Pearson, stopped by the airplane shop and picked up two jumbos:

There were many too choose from, but these two were special, Ive been looking for a Qantas 747 regular livery, and finally found it so had to go for it. The United is also special because of the friendship livery, the end of an amazing era.

They look great with my other 747-400s I have:


Anyone else order this beauty?

Credit to Geminijets


My Delta 767 and C-32 should be coming in the mail today.


Which 767 variant?
The 763 or 764?


Delta B763. Flies the KCVG - LFPG route and is the biggest pax plane at my airport.


Here she is!

My first one. Couple of scratches and paint spots. Overall a 9/10.


Can we see the side?


Just god the JetBlue Honor Our Vets Livery A320 started shipping! It will look amazing with my JetBlue collection


Just ordered the 1:400 Phoenix Tigerair Singapore A320 and 1:200 Geminijets United 757-200. Will post photos once I receive them.


I have the Delta CS100 1:200, and the Allegiant MD-80 on order as well as a SWA 738… this is what I have


I don’t have pictures at the moment, but I have EK A380, AF A380, BA A380, EY A380, LH 744, SU 77W, AA 77W, G4 MD80, DL A332, DL A320, DL CS100, UA 738, AA CRJ200, AN225, LH MD11F. All 1/400.


Mostly 1/144 and 1/72 scale. I have two 1/72 Haswaga kits one for the F16CJ block 50 and the F15C Strike Eagle yet to model. I will likely work on one of them this weekend.


My SR-71 Blackbird, half painted already.
Need to do more work on the pilots and controls along with the stickers that came with it.

My Cessna-172.

After the yellow paint dried it looks like itll need another coat with the added stickers.


What company are those models from?


I have a totally legit Airbus A380 model.😏


The blackbird is a revell, the cessna is a Minicraft.

These are the models I’ll be doing once the others are complete - also gotta finish my USS Arizona


Is minicraft not all in another language that’s not English. That is what has put me off as that’s what it seems like.


The manual is in broken English but tbh the diagrams are universal lol, it’s pretty easy to understand without words.
I think it’s cheap on Amazon right now, I think I got it for $25 at my local model shop. Might be about $20 on Amazon.

If you get it and need any help you can always hit me up in messages.


I get on fine with revel and airfix without words I just always like to be able to read it just in case.