Model Aircraft Collections


I still haven’t bought any. IF anyone wants to buy me one, go ahead. XD


I have Good OL Shamu 737 and Allegiant MD-80


It’s hard to focus on the models with all of the gold awards in the background🤑


Yeah I got those trophies when I was young but those models are cool tho and I bought Allegiant last year and the Shamu one was this year


Btw Shamu likes the cup that’s next to him lol 😄😆


A-B Honor roll??? Why not A-Z???


Ayyy please don’t get me wrong lol I made a lot of good grades and why do you think I would make bad grades?? That’s trouble which I avoided lol


ohhh I thought that was like names that start with A-B that are in honor roll
I think you are showing off your medals on purpose too hehe


Neeee that’s the only place that’s open and wide for my models to fit and show in a good view


Be careful with that Allegiant! I wouldn’t want it having a mechanical issue and crashing into your trophies.


Omg lol that’s is a funny joke 😂 @Reedgreat


I am more focused on that cup then the livery… It is like the orca from the cup is staring at more prized “trophy” of itself. Nice collection


United Friendship 747-400 and Hawaiian A321neo


Theres that beauty of a that A321neo


Anyone ever heard of this? It’s Debunked now.


Singapore airline airbus A380


i saw that finnair 350 marimekko livery at EFHK when i was in summer job there


An update on all my models.
JC Wings China Eastern A340-300 (JC4CES310/XX4310)
JC Wings China Southern Skyteam B777-300ER (JC2CSN743/XX2743)
JC Wings Finnair Marimekko A330-300 (JC2FIN349/XX2349)
JC Wings United Star Alliance B757-200 (JC2UAL792/XX2792)
JC Wings Dynamic B767-200ER (LH2DYA020/LH2020)
Gemini200 Delta A350-900 (G2DAL637)
Gemini200 JetBlue Blueprint E190 (G2JBU661)


Holly 💩
How you have so many?