Model Aircraft Collections


Nice 727! One flies over me everyday around 6am.


Hey, I saw that on the Gemini page on Instagram!


I like that KL Fokker 50.


That’s an L-1011! 😉


Yes! I sent them pictures of it a few days ago. They often post collection pictures that people send in.


Oh. Well nice trijet!


Don’t worry about making mistakes I used to think every trip jet was a md-11.


When I got on with Erickson before we were sold I got this model of our Crane


I got this from my local DHL branch in my town, don’t know which maker this is but seems pretty detail


I just got my 1:400 Alaska E175 delivered!

It is a great model. I love the colors of Alaska!


Very nice mate! Looks really great especially with the Alaska colours on it


DHL’s hub is at KCVG. I’ve spotted a few times and they have some giant aircraft there. Have never seen at 747 like that, though.


me neither, when I asked the DHL person gave me this, he also didn’t know if DHL international have the 744F


They have it (Polar Air Cargo and Kalitta Air to name two) but I just haven’t seen the livery.


I just got this beauty! Air New Zealand B767-300 Aragorn livery 1:400 model for my airport. In my collection it is currently the largest model


Here is my total collection:

Some may not be visible


Here’s my YouTube video on my airport. I have a lot more airplanes than this.


I just ordered a Hawaiian A321neo, and the United Friendship 747-400!


I have both of those the Hawaiian A321neo is gorgeous! the UA 747 not so much… 😂 the leading edge of the wing looks like it was shaved flat. But from a far it looks good still. It is still a worthy model having.


Look what came in the mail!