Model Aircraft Collections


It’s a revell 1:32 spitfire ix-c




Good old Tiger 737


What company is that?


Where did you get it and what company is that


That’s amazing dude, looks so realistic and the paint job is fabulous… Keep it up!!!


I got it off EBay, JCwings made it and the airline is TigerAir which is an Australian low cost airline


Oh no I meant what model company, I just flew on tigerair and scoot


And BTW it’s a singaporean low cost airlines (where I live!!)) bUT YEAH THANKS


Hi! There is a Tigerair Australia

Tigerair Singapore was merged with Scoot, but Tigerair Australia is owned by Virgin Australia so it is still operating. Please check your sources before jumping to defend yourself


Also JCwings make it


There is but the Australian one was originated from the Singaporean one mate!


Yes I know, you were denying that it exsisted, if you want to continue this discussion please send me a PM


Na nothing big and I didn’t mean to say it didn’t exist!


I found this website they actually look very nice for buying model planes they might be cheap but they look good


Starting off my collection with some Gemini 200’s


I don’t see missing details ??


10 £ i didn’t expect a Gemini


Details matter to people my friend. Nice price for a cheap model. But for some that doesn’t cut it :)