Model Aircraft Collections


It says Herpa snap-fit 1/250 or 1/100 on the box. Guess it’s 1/250 then


Okay I could not see it on the box.


Where do I buy these ?


I’m usually a Revell model aircraft person because I like building the model and then most of the time the planes are a larger scale, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a Gemini model before… I’ll have to think about this, because I really want the revell Luffy 747-8 for my birthday in a few months, but I’ll have to see


You can find them all over online. and all have a great selection.


This give you an idea of the scale:


Hello. I will present to you my collection, actually growing but slowly. All models are 1:200.

B737 900ER Alaska (More to Love Livery), A320 (New Engine Option) S7.
Both made by Gemini. Look to these stunning details!

Face to face between the newest Airbus and Boeing machines. B787 900 Etihad, A350 900 Delta.

B747 800, Boeing Freighter livery.

Directly bought from an Emirates Store in my last summer trip to Dubai… A380 800 Emirates.

B777 Freighter Fedex.

Finally, my real world favourite bird… a giant one. Antonov 225 Mriya. This is the only one model i have in 1:400 scale. Stand was bought online.


I just got this WOW A321neo yesterday!


I have the same one too.


@Cole_Collins is it TF-SKY?


Yeah, I think that is the only one Gemini has made as of now.


Yeah I have it cool.


I’m getting it (hopefully) in the mail today along with 5 others!


Here are all of mine! I don’t know exactly what livery the Concorde is in, all I know is my Grandma got it for me for Christmas! If you know what it livery it is, shoot me a PM.

Should I start back up my airport?


Ordered the 767. Amazon was being wierd when I tried to get the 777.


All 1:400 except the SAA A340 which is 1:200 (and very heavy!)


What Delta models are available?
How much is that Emirates 777-300 bro?

PM me please



What manufacturer and scale is it?


Here’s my Spitfire Airfix 1:72 scale. This is the best model I have ever made.