Model Aircraft Collections


Not much, but it inspires me to work hard everyday :)


I don’t have an photos on my computer, but my collection consists of the following:

FedEx 757-200SF
UPS 767-300F
MK Airlines 747-200F
Emirates A380-800
Emirates SkyCargo 777F
Lufthansa A350-900
Alitalia 777-300ER
Virgin America A321neo
Overseas National Airways DC-8-10
Qatar Airways Amiri Flight 747-8
American Eagle CRJ-200
Ansett Australia 767-200


I’ve got an Emirates A388 and UPS 763F too!


Wow I never thought to collect airplanes like baseball cards… Mabye i should swich


A LoongAir A320

An F-18E Super Hornet

A China Southern A380

An Emirates 777 with the Space Shuttle in the background


I found my christmas present (By accident… OK not really I was looking for them) Anyways… I am getting a HOP! ERJ (couldn’t see which one) and a AF A380.


I have a falcon 50EX a Christmas gift from some years back a challenger 604 and a legacy 500 from a friends Dad. But the last one is a atlas air 747 that a ski instructors friend was a captain on and gave that one too me


1:400 Panda Models Lion Air 737 Max PK-LQJ


This is a little diorama I created yesterday.


Any Aer Lingus models?😂


Same as me I found in parents cupboard my Virgin Atlantic 747-400 1:400 scale.


Your parents must be bad at hiding presents then 😂


what brand of these die cast have the most realistic aircraft model in the market?


I get Gemini jets and Phoenix.


Yeah they think I’m rubish I’m find 😂😂😂


Why are Gemini jets so expensive.


I’m in Britain so the price is a bit different.


Aha, I see gemini jets models available here in my country.
Do you know if there is a fake gemini jets model and how to spot it?


My sister knows what I want a new skymarks plane. I look under my tree I see a present that is shaped like a skymarks box and shakes like a skymarks box with a plane inside of that box


Im the same but thay still cost a lot.