MIG-21Bis NATO code named "fishbed"


With a wide variety of USAF and allied partner aircraft in IF it is my opinion that foreign national aircraft should be added as well. The Mikoyan Gurevich 21Bis or MIG-21 NATO code named “Fishbed” is operated within a wide number of countries it has become a symbol of the jet age and is combat proven in several conflicts. Please see the technical data below and I hope you all will take this fine example of military aviation and history into consideration for addition into IF. Thank you.

Dimensions:Length(MiG-21) 40.29 ft (12.285 m)
(F-7M)48.83 ft (14.89 m) including probeWingspan23.46 ft (7.154 m)Height13.46 ft (4.10 m)Wing Area247.6 ft2 (23.0 m2)Canard Area

not applicable

Weights:Empty(MiG-21) 12,600 lb (5,715 kg)
(F-7M)11,630 lb (5,275 kg)Typical Load(MiG-21) 18,080 lb (8,200 kg)
(F-7M)16,605 lb (7,530 kg)Max Takeoff(MiG-21) 22,925 lb (10,400 kg)Fuel Capacityinternal: 658 gal (2,600L)
external: 470 gal (1,780 L)Max Payload

(MiG-21) 3,310 lb (1,500 kg)
(F-7M)2,205 lb (1,000 kg)

Propulsion:Powerplant(MiG-21) one Tumanskii R-25-300turbojet
(F-7M) one Liyang Wopen-7B(BM) turbojetThrust(MiG-21) 15,650 lb (69.61 kN)
(F-7M)13,488 lb (59.82 kN)

Performance:Max LevelSpeedat altitude: 1,355 mph (2,175 km/h)at 42,650 ft (13,000 m), Mach 2.05
at sea level: 800 mph (1,275km/h), Mach 1.05Initial ClimbRate(MiG-21) 58,000 ft (17,680 m) /min
(F-7M) 35,435 ft (10,800 m) / minServiceCeiling(MiG-21) 57,400 ft (17,500 m)
(F-7M)59,700 ft (18,200 m)Rangetypical: 595 nm (1,100km)
ferry: 970 nm (1,800 km)g-Limitsunknown

Amarment:Gun(MiG-21) one 23-mm GSh-23L two-barrelcannon (200 rds)
(F-7M) two 30-mm cannons (60 rds ea)Stationsfive external hardpointsAir-to-AirMissile(MiG-21) K-13/AA-2 Atoll, R-60/AA-8Aphid
(F-7M) PL-2, PL-5, PL-7, MagicAir-to-SurfaceMissilenoneBomb(MiG-21) 250/500 kg conventional, nuclear,and napalm bombs
(F-7M) 50-500 kg GP bompsOther(MiG-21) rocket pods, ECM

Known operating countries:
Russian AirForce
Czech Republic
North Yemen
South Yemen
Sri Lanka

Information cited from http://www.flymig.com/aircraft/MiG-21/

Photo credits: http://www.airliners.net/photo/North-Korea-Air-Force/Mikoyan-Gurevich-Hindustan-MiG-21bis/4598265?qsp=eJwtjLEKAkEMBf8ltRanYHGd9qKFPxCyj3PxdJckoMtx/25c7IYZmIWkvBwfv7UKGsnAKnfaUGXlp9G40APtXTQF0zlP290Q1Yr6qYVJ7DiKoDrS3180QX8JJn00xXgIgF470/4QPmWrM/cHnPNM6/oFHcEuSA%3D%3D


It somehow reminds me a lot of the F4, I really like it :)


Would love to have seen the F4s go up against the older MIG versions those must have been some spectacular dog fights!


You should create separate requests for each of them, if you want those to be added and your trust level is high enough ;)


I agree with the foreign fighter idea, but I disagree with this specific fighter. I would prefer something like the Typhoon.


@Asneed8706. MaxSez…Fine bit of research on a now third world Dinosaur! In it’s Day it was a competitor and match for the early US F-4. The Chinese under license had an upgraded copy of this gun platform in the J Series. Not many of these true clear air mass fighters around in military service today except in the 3/4th world. There no threat to any bodies Gen 2/3 series of over the horizon missle shooters. In today’s world Dog Fighters went out with the smokers like this Russian world class design in its day long past.
I don’t consider this craft an IF inventory contender. IF Members are bias, the bigger, uglier, fatter Trash Hauler in a cloak of many colors make their day.
GA all the way!


Say that ten times fast :P

I can’t put my finger on what aircraft that reminds me of… I want to say a type of WWII dive bomber but its body is a little big for that.


To each their own, like everything in IF it be mostly for the eye candy. Besides its a bit odd having an F16C takeoff from Russian air fields in my opinion. Cheers!


I’d love to see the Fishbed, I have an rc one that is my favorite to fly(see profile pic)


Bumping this. I would really like to see this added. There are so many operators of this aircraft both past and present, meaning no shortage of possible liveries. Would also be ideal as an aggressor aircraft. It could even be used as an ultra high performance GA aircraft, since there are quite a few private owners of the type.

Just imagine how good the cockpit view would look:

Unfortunately I can’t vote for this, since I recently lost my regular status, and as a result I would need to remove several existing votes.


Nice aircraft.
My father did saw one of those in Bulgaria in the early 70s.
He said after the mig did start with full afterburner his ears were almost bleeding.😂


I think you meant something different.

EDIT: Thought so.