McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


Sorry but, I doubt it's Infinite Flight? Why?

Her caption says that this shot was taken on KOAK. And a user said that a MD-11 just landed at KOAK not long after she upload the picture. And I think if we compare it to real world pictures, it will be pretty similar. Although Laura's one isn't zoomed

Edit : It's from Infinite Flight


FedEx confirmed????????


@Collin_Mihalovich Maybe?????????? I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For anyone who was on LiveFlight was she flying an "unknown aircraft"


He is right! Please do make it a wiki


It is a wiki. Only regulars can edit wikis.


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Now I think this MD-11 post is a prank to us after that Global Post. I think that MD-11 post is from Infinite Flight if I look closely and after reading some comments in Instagram. How easy can I be pranked by others xD


Emirates and Qatar airways use to have MD 11 cargo. Emirates still owns one in commemoration and it's over near the training academy in the far corner of DXB. I went with my dads friends once and saw it.


Qatar Airways have never had the MD11, passenger nor cargo version. And Emirates does have one MD-11F, but it's leased and not even in the Emirates livery.

This is what the 'Emirates' MD-11F looks like. (Credit:


No emirates has a md 11 and use to have more ( no clue how many). They were in their livery and still there is one in the livery left. They built the flight school around it they teach the pilots in it and how to look st the mechanics of the plane.



But according to Wikipedia and google, no photo of an Emirates MD11 comes up, not even an article (except the for the cargo lease mentioned above). Surely if it existed then there would at least be some pictures or discussions about it 🤔

P.S. If you have a picture to prove me wrong then I would happily see it.

Also, that Qatar Airways MD11 is a photoshop 🤷🏻‍♂️


It's photoshopped. Qatar Airways never owns/lease a single MD-11 in their history 😉

Qatar Airways Fleet History

And A7-MDA isn't a real airplane registration

A7-MDA Search Result


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