McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


I'd really appreciate being shown another screenshot to see the MD-11 progress


Seems like a lot of effort has been put in this. Good one.


We all appreciate things. But we should appreciate what they have shown us! Many companies keep everything behind closed doors. We are fortunate to get what we get... FDS is doing advertising and marketing right.


I do.
I was just saying that I would really like seeing another update on the MD-11 progress ;)


I can't wait for this update!!!


Yeah, it will come one day :D Hopefully so fast as possible


I wonder why this topic isn't blowing up as intended.


Everyone (FDS) are focusing their eyes to Global. So this thread will gain more attention after Global gets released.


Because currently.. There is nothing to track


But if we get a screenshot of any of the aircraft being in the simulator, this topic will explode most likely. Just remember what I said☝


The real major reason:

Because only one picture of it has been released in a span of one month. 😭


That's sadly true. But hopefully, the future pictures are 👌


Is that an MD-11 winglet I see? Laura's testing the MD-11!


Beat me to it 🤦🏽‍♂️.


I was about to post it 😂


And so was I... anyone else?


I wonder what livery she was using??🤔


So much news in one day, we're so privileged.


Woah awesome

cant wait!!!

PS the MD-11 Cockpit looks like it was super advanced for its time... its all digital! No master analog instruments


Laura testing the MD11 rn. On Live Flight App, it says unknown for the aircraft lmfao:)