McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


I’m curious which plane theyre going to choose to “mask” the MD-11 once they begin test flights. Probably 777-200ER IF livery or the 788?


Or just fly it on solo


They used 737bbj to mask the q400 and 777-200er to mask 787


They used the Q400 to mask the C-130.


Maybe they will use the C130 or 777? I have no idea


Did they? I thought they used the old 787.


Sorry my mistake, you’re right! They used the -200 to mask the 777 series redevelopment, which isn’t really masking the 772 but I guess it counts as a mask for the 77W, 77F, and the LR.


Lol they should use a Cessna 172, “rocket Cessna”


I have a feeling that they’re going to use the 777


I think the MD-80 series would have been better than the DC-10/MD-11… Just my opinion.


It was up to the community and they voted MD-11/DC-10


My guess would be 767, similar size.


This is really getting off topic. Please read the tiltle on the top.


I hope they add FedEx and UPS. Those are the 2 people who still operate them on a large scale.


Wasnt like there was a poll or anything where you could vote on the next airplane 🙄


Sorry, I never saw that poll it I just don’t remember… Back on topic…


When will we get a new screenshot of this? 😓


When it’s ready to be shown.


What a smart response… I’ts been 3 weeks + since the first screenshot. I must see another picture of this beauty!


Ok and…? It’s been a year since we got the first global picture, it’s still not here… instead of necroposting, find something outside to do instead :)