McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


I allready posted this early




I just hope you can make an air to air refuel with the Air Force one.


I think the debuging of the feature in laura’s post, might be the last feature that needs to be debuged
(How i think about it, might not be true)


Now the question is can the main freighter doors open on these planes? (Not the lower cargo hold, the top one)


I guess we will have to wait and see.



Im Wondering why they haven’t shown that yet the KC-10 has the same doors to I’m hopeing it has the cargo doors as well


I’m so excited 😇…


Yes, it was confirmed but that shouldn’t stop you from trying your own mock refuelling formation!


Would be nice to see it refuel the VC747 some one should also start an Air Force va or something because with the KC-10 coming in I think it’s safe to see if has ample amount of planes to start a Air Force plus I herd the c-17 was going to get a rebuild soon


It would be so cool if they would add the the UPS MD-11


The UPS MD11 is already confirmed, see posts above.


Whoops I meant the Orbis eye hospital.


Well Laura did hint that there would be autopilot in those fighters. Also aerial refueling has been confirmed, so it makes sense.👌😁⛽️😉🙂


New video from Laura


Dang so smooth no more 2 sec aircraft lag no more bouncy flights


Doing a presidential two and a half week long flight around the world in the Vc-25 takeing off from from one location to anotheir basically takeing off from departure airport flying to arrival airport then takeing off from arrival airport to anotheir arrival airport one Vc-25 flight per day and seeing that if dev is spamming the dc10 md11 kc10 I’m hopeing they drop the plane very soon so some one can meet me in the air some were with it so I can refuel


Almost there… so close…😫😣😁😂🙂⛽️


I’m just going to be flying around refueling people, that’ll be so cool!