McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


Continental and Hawaiian Airlines were 2 of the airlines that operated the most DC10s. I hope they get added as well.


Right you can buy them all on release day then look cool at the airport, that’s what I plane to do (ha see what I did their) when the DC And md come out, the first thing I’m gonna do is spawn in at kjfk with the national guard ident flying as the KC-10, towers gonna let me immediately take off and most likely some people will notice and spawn in as fighter jets and follow me #thefirstfewpurchasersandpros


Would love to see Continental!


I don’t know why but when these release, I am going to fly them to KEDW an airplane graveyard and it is huge! But I will also fly out of Louisville and New York as well as Los Angles.


It looks like midair refueling has been confirmed on IF Instagram


Link please?
Similar discussions have occurred and we regulars aren’t adding it up anytime soon unless a clear announcement is given.


Aerial refueling confirmed!


Wasn’t it confirmed that no Aerial Refueling would be available?


Well, it does say “#aerialrefueling” so it must be true…


Well, that’s great to know!


that’s what i thought but we never know…


I’d like to know how the aerial refueling works…

Do you just go to your weight settings and add fuel? Does it take fuel away from the KC-10, which decreases its flight time? Or does the KC-10 have a second tank specifically for fueling? I have to see a video of this.

I will admit, this will be interesting.


I’m guessing that there will be an extra tank for refueling, and you press something when you’re in the range that’s like “refuel” and it matches on and decreases fuel from that…

No speculation though! 😉


i wasn’t sure where to post this but as it is related to the KC-10 i think here is a good place. This means there might be autopilot with Jets.

Click on it to see the whole picture


I hope Lufthansa Cargo will be included. Soo beautiful…


(Image credit: IF Insta.) I’m pretty sure that aerial refueling is confirmed.


But deer it also says #coming soon
So maybe they have considered it and their giving the KC-10 anotheir feature


You took that picture?

Already posted :).


But there was never proof was there?


A. It says it in the IG Post
B. A mod just closed the IFC Thread…