McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


I saw a couple of their tankers in action over the coastal range near Santa Barbara when there was a wildfire! One was a DC-9(I think) and the other was the DC-10. It was cool seeing them drop down the liquid!


It is even cooler when they fly over your house


not when they drop it on your house :(
jk, never had a tanker drop anything in paso, @Cole_Collins did the paso robles based BAe 146-200 ever come near you? it recently flew out and idk where it went (it flew back though, its always nice when you see it fly at 2,000 feet over your house)


Let’s continue in a PM so we don’t get in trouble



Thats so pretty!!! :D



Add to confirmed liveries some one!


Ugh. RIP overseas data, what livery is it?



Yesss! We’re still getting the opening doors!


The livery is Air New Zealand


Just got off one of their planes IRL.


it took me a few seconds to notice that the picture is ingame and not real life :), it just looks so great !!!


Can’t believe no one posted this one:


Regulars can now add Air New Zealand to list of confirmed liveries for DC-10!


Cabin lights are also confirmed!!


Looking beautiful what a great livery !


Bruh, you ok?? That is an antenna😂🤣


I dunno about you but I don’t think if a DC-10 flew over my house, it would make up for loosing everything I owned